UPRTOU Phd Syllabus : राजर्षि टंडन मुक्त विश्वविद्यालय पीएचडी परीक्षा पाठ्यक्रम 2020-21

उत्तर प्रदेश राजर्षि टंडन मुक्त विश्वविद्यालय , प्रयागराज पीएचडी 2020 -21

Syllabus for Pre Ph. D. Entrance Test-2020


(Compulsory for All Applicants)

(i) Research aptitude and research ethics

(ii) Meaning, Scope and Aims of Research, steps of Scientific Method, Types of Scientific Method (Exploratory, Explanatory and Descriptive), Types of research (Fundamental, Applied and Action), Approaches to educational research (Quantitative, Qualitative and Blended), Designs in research (Descriptive, Experimental and Historical).

(iii) Research Problem : Meaning, need, sources of selection of Research Problem, Characteristics of a good research Problem

(iv) Variables: Meaning of Concepts, Constructs and Variables, Types of Variables (Independent, Dependent, Extraneous, Intervening and Moderator).

(v) Hypotheses -Concept, Sources, Types (Directional, Non-directional, Null), Formulating Hypothesis, Characteristics of a good hypothesis.

(vi) Concept of Universe and Sample, Characteristics of a good Sample, Techniques of Sampling (Probability and Non-probability Sampling).

(vii) Research Tools: Types (Rating scale, Attitude scale, Questionnaire, Schedule, Aptitude test and Achievement Test, Inventory etc.), Characteristics of a Good research tool, Techniques of Research (Observation, Interview and Projective Techniques)

(viii ) Data : Types and Sources

(ix ) ICT in Research: General abbreviations & terminology, Basics of internet & e-mailing, Social networking and search engines, Software for Data analysis and interpretation for research purposes.

(x) Meaning, aims, importance and sources of Review of Literature

(xi )Methods of writing Bibliography and References

(xii) Preparation of Research Proposal(xiii)Basics of Research Report Writing.

(xiv) Structure of the Institutions for Higher Learning and Research in India.

(xv) Latest Policies and trends in research.

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