RMLAU Previous Year Question Papers : अवध विश्वविद्यालय


1.HINDI-I  (मध्यकालीन हिन्दी काव्य)Download
2.HINDI-II  (हिन्दी निबन्ध,नाटक एवं एकांकी)Download
4.ENGLISH – PAPER II (Functional English)Download
5.URDU – PAPER I (Prose)Download
6.URDU – PAPER II (Nazm)Download
7.SANSKRIT LITERATURE – PAPER I (नाटक, गद्य, छन्द एवम् अलंकार)Download
8.SANSKRIT – PAPER II (व्याकरण एवं काव्य)Download
9.EDUCATION – PAPER I (Principles of Education)Download
10.EDUCATION – PAPER II (History and Development of Indian Education)Download
11.ECONOMICS – PAPER I ( Principles of Economics Analysis)Download
12.ECONOMICS – PAPER II ( Indian Economic Problems)Download
13.POLITICAL SCIENCE – PAPER I (Political theory)Download
14.POLITICAL SCIENCE – PAPER II (National Movement and Constitution of India)Download
15.SOCIOLOGY – PAPER I (Introduction to sociology)Download
16.SOCIOLOGY – PAPER II (Society in India : Structure and Charge)Download
17.PHILOSOPHY – PAPER I (Indian Philosophy)Download
18.PHILOSOPHY – PAPER II (Modern Western Philosophy)Download
19.Ancient Indian History & Archaelogy – PAPER I (Political History of Ancient India)Download
20.Ancient Indian History & Archaelogy – PAPER II (State and Social Economics and Religious Life in Ancient India)Download
21.Medieval & Modern History – Paper I (Political History of India)Download
22.Medieval & Modern History – Paper II (History of Europe)Download
23.Geography – PAPER I (Physical Geography)Download
24.Geography – PAPER II (Human Geography)Download
25.PSYCHOLOGY – PAPER I (Basic Psychological Processes)Download
26.PSYCHOLOGY – PAPER II (Developmental Psychology)Download
27.SOCIAL WORK – PAPER I (Foundations of Human Relations)Download
28.SOCIAL WORK – PAPER II (Social Work: Philosophy and Methods)Download
29.Musics (Vocal) – Paper I (संगीत शास्त्र)Download
30.Musics (Vocal) – Paper II (राग तथा ताल आदि का अध्ययन)Download
31.HOME SCIENCE PAPER I (Applied Life Science and Human Health)Download
32.HOME SCIENCE PAPER II (Family Resource Management)Download
33.DRAWING & PAINTING – PAPER I (The Traditions of Eastern Painting) set-1Download
34.DRAWING & PAINTING – PAPER I (The Traditions of Eastern Painting) set-2Download
35.DRAWING & PAINTING – PAPER I (The Traditions of Eastern Painting) set-3Download
36.DRAWING & PAINTING – PAPER I (The Traditions of Eastern Painting) set-4Download
37.DRAWING & PAINTING – PAPER I (The Traditions of Eastern Painting) set-4Download
38.DRAWING & PAINTING – PAPER II (Fundamentals of Visual Arts)Download
39.Office Management and Secretarial Practice – Paper I (Office Management)Download
40.Office Management and Secretarial Practice – Paper II (Type Writing)Download


43.Defence and Strategic Studies – PAPER I (Art of War in India)Download
44.Defence and Strategic Studies – PAPER II (Evolution of Armament and Westrn Art of Warfare)Download
45.Mathematics – Paper I (Algebra and trigonometry)Download
46.Mathematics – Paper II (Calculus)Download
47.Mathematics – Paper III ( Geometry and Vector Calculus)Download
48.Computer Application – Paper I (Computer Fundamental)Download
49.Computer Application – Paper II (Programming in Basic and Pascal)Download
50.Computer Application – Paper III (Operating System)Download


51.PHYSICS – PAPER I (Mechanics and Wave Motion)Download
52.PHYSICS – PAPER II (Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics)Download
53.PHYSICS – PAPER III (Circuit Fundamentals and Basic Electronics)Download
54.CHEMISTRY – PAPER I (Inorganic Chemistry)Download
55.CHEMISTRY – PAPER II (Organic Chemistry)Download
56.CHEMISTRY – PAPER III (Physical Chemistry)Download
57.ZOOLOGY – PAPER I (Lower Non-Chordata) set- 1Download
58.ZOOLOGY – PAPER I (Lower Non-Chordata) set -2Download
59.ZOOLOGY – PAPER II (Higher Non-Chordata)Download
60.ZOOLOGY – PAPER III (Cell Biology and Genetics) set- 1Download
61.ZOOLOGY – PAPER III (Cell Biology and Genetics) set- 2Download
62.BOTANY – PAPER I (Diversity of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi)Download
63.BOTANY – PAPER II (Diversity of Algae, Lichens and Bryophytes)Download
64.BOTANY – PAPER III (Diversity of Pteriodophytes Gymnosperms and Elementary Palaeobotany)Download
65.ELECTRONICS – PAPER I (Analog Electronics)Download
66.ELECTRONICS – PAPER II (Digital Electronics)Download
67.ELECTRONICS – PAPER III ( Electronic Components & Circuits)Download
68.BIO CHEMISTRY – PAPER I (Biomolecules)Download

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