Pre PhD Course Work Common Syllabus For All Subject : English

Paper I

Research Methodology (Objectives, Hypothesis, Report writing, and Thesis writing), Quantitative methods, Computer Applications, Research ethics and reviewing of published research in the relevant field and other techniques/methods, specific for the broad subject/area

1. Foundations of Research

  • Objectives
  • Characteristics of a good research
  • Meaning and Scope
  • Limitations

2. Types of Research

  • Classification of Research
  • Qualitative and Quantitative research
  • Basic/Pure and Applied, Evaluation & Action Research
  • Non Experimental Research-Descriptive, Explanatory and Exploratory
  • Comparative, Correlational, Surveys, Ex-post Facto
  • Experimental research-True, Quasi, Single Subject research
  • Research Process and Design.

3. Review of Literature

  • Need and Significance of Reviewing Literature
  • Literature Search procedure
  • Sources of Literature
  • Planning of Review work

4. Planning of Research

  • Selection of Research Problem
  • Hypothesis Formation
  • Research Variables: Types and Control

5. Sampling

  • Population and Sample
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Sampling and Non-Sampling Errors

6. Tools and Methods of data collection

  • Meaning and Importance of Data
  • Sources of Data-Primary and Secondary
  • Construction of a tool for data collection.

Methods of Collecting Data using following tools:

  • Observation Method
  • Experimentation
  • Interview
  • Panel Method
  • Mail Survey
  • Sociometry
  • Questionnaire Schedule

7. Data Analysis

  • Editing, Coding and Tabulation of Data
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Dispersion
  • Measures of Association /Relationship
  • Regression and Correlation Analysis
  • Test of Significance
  • Parametric Test and Non Parametric Test

8. Documentation and Mechanics of Writing

  • Research and legal issues
  • Originality of Research
  • Integrity of the researcher
  • Ethical issues in Research
  • UGC Regulation on Plagiarism
  • Citation format for print and non-print sources
  • Paper margin, spacing, heading and titles
  • Page numbers
  • Spelling, punctuation, italics and abbreviation
  • Electronic submission
  • Power-point presentation
  • Tips for question-answer session

Research Terminology:

Synopsis, abstract, hypothesis, annotated bibliography, review, review article, citation, peer review, referred publication, archives, call number, corporate author, database, blog, list search, Boolean operators, full-text search, wiki, etc.

Preliminary section:

  • Cover pages (Front, Back, Side) Dedications, Certificates, Declarations, Acknowledgements, Contents, List of abbreviations, List of Tables & Figures
  • Main Body : Chaptorizations, Documentation Format, Tabulations and Graphical Analysis
  • Referencing Style MLA , APA and Chicago
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

9. Use of Computer Software for Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Computer fundamentals
  • Hardware and Software (Operating & Application)
  • Software for data Analysis viz SPSS

10. Word processing

Introduction to word processing


  • Creation of files
  • Arrange files in folders
  • Save document as files
  • Print
  • Formatting
  • Insert
  • Page layout
  • Converting to PDF

11. Spreadsheet tools

  • Introduction to spreadsheet application
  • Features and functions
  • Data storing
  • Features for statistical mathematical data analysis
  • Generating chart/graphs and other features
  • Tools used may be Microsoft Excel, Open Office or Similar tool.

12. Presentation Tool

  • Introduction to presentation tool
  • Features and functions
  • Creating presentation, Customizing presentation, Showing presentation
  • Tools used may be Microsoft Power Point, Open Office or Similar tool.

Web Search

  • Introduction to internet
  • Use of internet and search engine like Google, Yahoo etc.
  • Using advance search techniques: JSTOR and Other online journals.
  • Submission of Paper in Archive Electronic Mail System.
  • Sodhganga , EBSCOhost

Paper 2

Paper second is different for all subject which containing subject specific research study .

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